Razor Blade Stealth 2020 Edition

Razor Blade Stealth 2020 Edition | Furious Techs

The Razor Blade Stealth 2020 and in many ways I would consider the student my favorite laptop on the market right now not just like gaming laptops but just favorite laptop periods because they do so much right.

It is such a good product that’s also this wonderful example of what is wrong with Intel-based devices right now. This is like the epitome or like the poster boy of you know it’s so good.

I want to talk about some bigger picture stuff like the landscape of laptops right now. So the first thing I want to draw attention to on this device is the design and material choices and aesthetics of it is that anybody built a device that just has this wicked look to it. I love it.

I’ve always enjoyed the stealth look. I’ve always enjoyed Razor Blade Stealth 2020 build quality but this one in particular like the 13-inch stealth. The moment you pick it up it’s got this great balance to it.

Razor Blade Stealth 2020 is  perfectly balanced like haul things should be. It’s perfectly balanced in this weird way, maybe it’s like the dimensions of it. When you pick up something like the g4 team from ACS this is a very popular device and also a great machine.

But this just doesn’t feel the same you pick up if you had these in front of you pick them up like you just know that this is it’s just it’s got that vibe to it.

Razor Blade Stealth 2020 Edition

Most people will appreciate it’s got this nice black like matte black finish to it with a logo like that snake logo that’s not super obnoxious it’s got this you know two-tone finish to it.

I like it, okay this machine is super expensive because of that design aesthetic though right they can charge this kind of money because not a lot of laptops are made like this.

They know they have something that’s relatively unique now the performance this year has been improved a good amount the CPU wattage has been bumped up to 25 watts so it can just hold the turbo boost a little bit better and the GPU has been upgraded to the 1650 TI max-q.

So it’s like a noticeable difference between this year’s model and the previous year’s model in turn of just the internal components, the fan noise can get somewhat loud if you push it but it’s to be expected it’s a laptop that pushes out respectable performance the screen this year has also been upgraded to a 120 Hertz display.

I don’t even know why I’m showing you this like you can’t see the Hertz here but it’s a faster screen one of the complaints I had about the previous model was that it was a 60 Hertz screen right and if you’re playing games faster refresh is always something that you look for.

I’ve also noticed that the response time on the screen isn’t great. It’s not as slow as the g14 like that say it feels like a 35-millisecond screen. I want to see like 2025 millisecond I don’t have an oscilloscope to test but this is not like a 5 or 3 millisecond screen its fast in terms of refresh rate.

You may notice some ghosting in certain games like if you play competitive shooters you may notice some ghosting on your targeting reticule so it depends on the type of game you play and basically how sensitive you are to this type of stuff.

One thing’s for sure 120 Hertz is a heck of a lot better than 60 Hertz when it comes to games in general ok the keyboard has also been updated they’ve fixed the right shift key this is a keyboard that I am partial to I’ve spent a lot of the past few years typing on Razor Blade Stealth 2020 keyboards like their laptop keyboards.

So I really like this layout and I think most people will think the arrow key cluster is a little bit different like the up and down arrows are really small so you have to get used to it.

If you’re someone that uses arrow keys for whatever reason the trackpad I’ve always liked their track pads they just do it right the keyboard lighting is decent it’s not like the most vibrant or brightest keyboard lighting out there and it also has to be one color like you can’t choose you to know individually lit keys.

It’s got to be one color across the whole keyboard but it gets the job done and I actually like how they’ve done it in their software these speakers on the left and right there above average like they sound actually pretty good.

Ports before we wrap this up there’s two USB to use because the one on the right supports Thunderbolt 3. There’s a headphone jack on the left you see how easy I can spin this thing around balance ok so inside you have the same stuff as the previous year’s you get one SSD that you can replace one Wi-Fi card that you can, of course, there’s only one Wi-Fi well why would there be two Wi-Fi’s one Wi-Fi card that you can replace.

You get 16 gigs of ram that is baked on so you can’t ever change that or upgrade that in the future the battery is the same size as the previous years. I was expecting a little bit more because last year I got seven and a half or something a little bit less than seven half six and a half.

I ran that test twice so I don’t know maybe it’s the video card. I can’t tell you, maybe it’s Windows to be completely honest, using BC charging a hundred watts is the same thing as last year’s good stuff. Now let’s talk about the not-so-good stuff okay how should I do this?

It just doesn’t exist so they can charge whatever they want as expensive as they want it to be however there is a very similar product the G 14. Now this machine came out.

I didn’t know two-three months ago and it is similar in size, clearly it’s bigger right. It’s not exactly the same size but it’s a comparable machine in terms of what they’re going for.

These are both small portable gaming devices. I believe it costs 1500 for an 8 core CPU with an RT X 2060 versus the $1,800 stealth with its four core CPU and it’s weaker GPU and I get it they’re completely different classes of machine right the stealth is thinner smaller lighter and it’s better built than the G 14.

But you can’t help but compare the two because they’re both going for that same portable gaming setup. The reason why I called this the stealth-like poster boy what’s wrong with Intel stuff right now is that on a small ultrabook like this that is as well built.

As perfectly engineered as it is aside from its CPU, the problem with the CPU just sticks out really hard as being its weakest point because if this thing had an AMD chip in it. It’s a little bit more expensive than the other stuff out there but it is so good but I’m not.

I can’t write because it’s not AMD and that has always been the problem with AMD’s chips this year. As good as they are it’s like everybody loves am DS rise and stuff.

It’s awesome but no one seems to be using it other than the g14 everyone else is just sticking with Intel. It’s a shame it’s like you see this stuff and you want it to be awesome because it is awesome but it doesn’t have AMD in it.

If you don’t care about multi-core performance and you just want a very portable gaming device it’s pretty good it’s expensive but it’s pretty good it’s just this would be a very different conversation if it was packing some AMD in it all right Razor Blade Stealth 2020 you got to open the doors to AMD.

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