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Mac Book Pro 13 Quality Check !

Very minor updates by Apple so we got iPad pro earlier this year for a minor update we had on the MacBook Air earlier. Also a minor update we got iPhone SE they really share a bunch of parts from a previous three-year-old phone.

So next up is this guy this is the newly announced twenty thirteen-inch Macbook pro refresh so for a little context this laptop 13-inch Mac Book Pro 13 has been my go-to for a couple years. Now you know the MacBook Air it’s nice but it’s a little too lightweight.

It doesn’t offer all the performance that I want for bigger things like photo editing and on the bigger 16-inch Macbook pro it’s more powerful. But it’s also a little bigger than I want to carry around so it’s been like my go-to.

But for the past five months I’ve been telling people not to buy a 13-inch MacBook Pro. That’s because once we saw the refresh of the bigger one, the 16 inch MacBook Pro we knew that it was coming to the smaller one. In fact, that was the whole theme cold title of my review of the bigger laptop was now doing it to the smaller one.

So now they have well mostly this is a truly very minor revision like a speck bump that in most years wouldn’t make news but it does this year so that’s gonna do it let’s show what’s exactly new.

Why I care about this laptop that’s been my go-to for so long so number one most importantly the butterfly keyboard from the 16 inch MacBook pro now in this refresh as well goodbye butterfly switches.

You won’t be missed welcome back dedicated escape button welcome back inverted T arrow keys. Welcome back to real key travel. You get that millimeter of key travel and you’ve heard me say before that this is already so much of a better typing experience, a better keyboard in the long run and then internally it’s a speck bump.

So it’s up to the newest 10th gen Intel chips quad-core across the board all the way up to a quad-core i7 if you want one. Then it also comes with iris graphics improvements still not a dedicated GPU option in this Mac Book Pro 13 laptop but at least these new iris graphics are more powerful.

Mac Book Pro 13 Quality

They’re good enough now to drive a pro to split XDR if you want it to so they are improved and then there’s also double the starting storage. Now starts out 512 gigs and goes all the way up to 4 terabytes which is sick.

It’s always nice to have a lot of fast internal storage and that’s exactly what this is and then baseline 16 gigs of faster lpddr4 X RAM. You can go up to 32 gigs that’s all a pretty nice spec bump here but there’s actually two versions of this new 13-inch MacBook Pro there’s the high-end one.

There are the baseline ones so all these new specs that I’ve been giving you are the new Intel chips, the new higher-end base storage, the new faster RAM. All this stuff only applies to the higher-end new 13-inch MacBook Pros; the lower end doesn’t get any of them.

If you look at Apple’s site you can see the breakdown, the baseline ones still have the 8th gen Intel chips they still start at 8 gigs of slower LP ddr3 RAM. There are just 256 gigs of storage and they also only have 2 Thunderbolt 3 ports instead of all four.

So basically these baseline configurations that they’re selling are essentially the last year’s 13-inch MacBook Pro just with the new keyboard and that’s why I said at the beginning the keyboard is the number one new thing because across the board they all get the new keyboard.

Which is great but for people who care about performance that’s gonna cost more now as Dave 2d? Apple went with these 8th gen Intel chips for the baseline configure cost meaning the difference in performance between a low-end 8th gen chip and a low-end 10th The gentian is pretty small.

The cost difference is a hundred bucks plus so basically for people who are buying these baseline versions that presumably don’t care as much about performance as cost this will be an OK.

The trade-off for them to save that money. The one I’ve been using from Apple is a high-end one inside one of the highest ones actually it’s a quad-core i7 32 gigs of ram and 2 terabytes of storage.

It’s about as ideal for as possible like I said the Mac Book Pro 13 Pros might go to and this is the highest 10 13-inch but it’s also $3,000 and so for that price. I think a lot of people will start to care more about performance which then brings in the much bigger much more powerful 16 inches MacBook Pro into the mix. That gets you a much better thermal design, a dedicated GPU which is important and an 8 core I 9 for roughly the same price.

That’s a huge difference so it leaves this Mac Book Pro 13 Pro the way it’s priced and just the way it sits in the lineup in a sort of an awkward middle child spot again. You know if people care more about performance and they’re willing to spend more on that well the 16 inch MacBook Pro sits right on the other side of that just spend a little more and get that way more performance.

If people are going for the baseline because they want to save a little money they don’t care as much about the performance they want a lower price. Well then the MacBook Air sits right on the other side where you can save even more money and not have that MacBook Pro performance.

Either way, you heard all the new specs and the internals, or how much you’re able to take advantage of them really depends on things like your workflow. The apps you are already using you already know they have to be well optimized but the rest of this laptop is the same as we’ve known for so long the same design.

Although technically it is about one millimeter thicker to accommodate this new keyboard so worth it but yeah the touch bar is still here the huge trackpad is still here the same battery life and the same quality 720p webcam as the past couple years of Apple laptops.

Now the speakers and microphone have also improved to the same level I was a 16 inch MacBook Pro. The microphone you’re hearing right now sounds pretty good in this empty room, still a bit of echo but that’s my fault and the speakers.

It’s not as big of a laptop but for a laptop of this size best-in-class speakers again which is awesome.

But yeah the company that makes the best smartphone camera in the world. This 13-inch screen with reasonable but still kind of thick looking bezels is still here you know a lot of people were expecting, including me a 14 inch MacBook Pro the same way they bumped up by one inch the size of the larger. MacBook Pro so is it reasonable to still expect that they might do that in the future.

Frequent minor updates and speck bumps to just keep things running up to date are a good thing I would love to see an iMac update right now. I would love to see a Mac Mini update. I’d love to see more frequent minor updates just to keep things up to date.

I would rather not have to tell people don’t buy a MacBook Pro for five months because we know the new keyboards are gonna get updated eventually but.

Since we clearly don’t get those regular smaller updates from Apple the updates that we do get are a bigger deal and we pay more attention to them.

This laptop is the perfect laptop for my use case where I know exactly what I want. I don’t want to carry a bigger 16 inch MacBook Pro but I still want more performance for things like photo editing and occasional work that the MacBook Air can’t quite keep up with like this is ideal but of course it’s always worth noting and I have reviewed.

The bigger more powerful 16 inches MacBook Pro and the sort of default Apple laptop for starting out the MacBook Air. Now it’s just sort of a question of are we still expecting a 14 inch MacBook Pro or maybe an arm MacBook or something like that in the next year.

So, the rumors point to yes WDC is coming up in a couple months. Maybe it won’t be that early but that’s something to think about so for me you know this is Apple’s unit it’s gone back to them. I’m gonna continue using my 13-inch MacBook Air.

It works fine but I’m just glad they finally did this update that was long overdue. I kind of wish Apple was more on time with more frequent updates, in general, that’s about it either way in case you’re wondering the merge is also now on sale permanently in stock.

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