iPhone special edition

iPhone SE 2020 What’s so special about it?

iPhone SE 2020 Edition

Let’s talk about the iPhone SE so this phone came in last week and the moment it did I switched out my SIM from my old iPhone SE to this new one now. This small older iPhone SE was one of my favorite phones of all time. I mean it’s an awesome phone but the phone that has been using the most recently has actually been the One plus 8 Pro.

I’ve been using this for about a month at this point and to go from this like a giant screen phone that is extremely feature-rich like this has everything. It’s big, it’s bright, it’s super fast to go from this to this relatively feature-poor phone.

iPhone SE has kind of addressed them and talked about whether or not I feel like they are legitimate deficiencies. Then we’ll get into some bigger picture stuff so the three kinds of big things I’d like to talk about in terms of shortcomings of the iPhone SE are number one the screen number two battery life and three of the camera.

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The first one the screen this is you there’s no way you can get around this is a dated screen it’s small it’s low resolution and it’s only 60 Hertz. I mean this has got to be one of the least impressive displays you can get right now on a Smartphone in 2020.

When you compare it to the One plus 8 pro this has got to be one of the most impressive displays you can get on a phone in 2020 and when I pull this thing out of the box.

I was like okay is this what we’re doing we’re going back to like the forehead and chin again like when you put them side-by-side the difference is massive but when I use this phone over the weekend just as a regular phone and wasn’t trying to nitpick and draw comparisons between this and other phones.

I’m perfectly happy with this screen. I really am it’s small but it’s a good screen nonetheless the other thing I want to talk about is the battery life so the battery on the iPhone SE is a relatively small one.

It’s 1800 milliamp hours and if you’re doing regular stuff like emails and browsing the web and Netflix and social media stuff, it’s fine it’ll comfortably last you the day maybe day and a half. It is shorter than the 11 and 11 pros but for the size of the phone it’s normal the stuff that the battery thinks is games.

At first I couldn’t figure it out. I was thinking, is it a certain type of game I’m playing, is it this particular title, maybe this Diablo clone is just really poorly optimized but it was with everything.

I was going through the battery life super fast like we’re talking like 1% of battery life every minute and a half of the gameplay and I think it’s because of the processor like.

If you think about the design of this phone when they put everything together they put the 1800 milliamp power battery in here with that low res screen it actually can hit those claims numbers because those are not intensive tasks but the moment you push this CPU hard and it can go hard because it’s a very capable a13 chip this thing drains battery life like you wouldn’t believe and it’s not just games like anything that uses the processor for an extended period of time like.

If you’re shooting photos or videos and you’re just in the camera app and just snapping away it’ll drain super fast as well so depending what you do it will affect your battery life very heavily on this particular phone.

So if you’re just doing regular stuff easy day and a half but if you’re pushing it hard you’ll kill it fast okay a quick note about the camera system if you’re shooting well-lit scenes.

I think you’re going to get great image quality. Most people will be very happy with the daylight photos that come out of this camera. There are probably some people out there I’m a good number of people out there that would have loved a telephoto or an ultra-wide but you don’t get that.

But I think everybody would have preferred a better night mode so they didn’t include an official night mode on this camera. I’m convinced that there’s like the processing capability maybe not to get the exact same image quality as like an 11 or 11 pro but better than this.

I would have thought like it’s clearly its weak point the low-light photography on the iPhone SE isn’t great and it compared to like a pixel 3a that thing is way better for low-light photos so depending on again the type of photography you take you should be happy with the iPhone SE camera the thing is though like.

Even if you’re not a professional photographer, you’re going to invariably take a photo at night. The right stuff happens in the evening. I think they could have done better than this.

Those are the main deficiencies of the iPhone SE like the camera, the battery life and the screen and depending on what you want out of your phone now. You know at least from my perspective those deficiencies manifest themselves in real use.

I think for a lot of people they look at this phone and it’s like the perfect fit right if you’re someone that you just want a very functional phone that’s a super reliable easy option right. Then there’s the more discerning individual I think a lot of you guys are that type of person where it’s like.

You see the benefits of it and you see the negatives of it and it doesn’t really it may not add up to you right like how is this $400 phone.

If they put in a snapdragon 865 and they priced it at 399 calls a day, people actually buy that phone with every actual interest in a product like that. It’s obviously no right no one in their right mind would want that product and yet this thing is available this thing has an interest and this is flying off shelves.

I think it’s because Apple does it a very particular way like this foam has no competitor there is no Android equivalent of a $400 phone that’s quite like this.

Everyone’s like what about Brand X brand Y the difference is that with every other brand that’s trying to hit that 400$ or $500 price point they are trying to make these phones stick out from the rest they’re trying to make these flagship killer phones for 4 or 500 bucks.

They’re putting in superfluous features like 108 megapixel cameras and crazy high refresh screens and curved edges they’re trying to make those phones stick out as being special the problem with that is that when you do that your phone you lose out on the basics this phone nails the basics and it’s $400 I think it’s gonna be a crazy popular phone this year now this conversation seems to only apply with North American pricing.

When you look at South America and even some euro pricing and India’s pricing like it’s a completely different conversation this is a more expensive phone than the One Plus 8 in India. I know there are crazy tariffs over there but that seems really expensive for iPhone SE now as for this particular phone.

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