Lenovo's Budget IdeaPad 5 14 (Ryzen 4700U) Features

Lenovo’s Budget IdeaPad 5 14 (Ryzen 4700U) Features

This laptop won by a landslide. I’m only joking, this one did it’s the Lenovo IdeaPad 514 with the new Ryzen 8 core for 700. Your process of the smaller sibling to the IdeaPad 515.

I’m gonna thoroughly review the laptop and compare it to the IdeaPad 515 as well as draw comparisons to many other laptops out there including Apple’s MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro 13.

The model I have here comes with 16 gigs of ram and 512 gigs of storage which I purchased for 776 US dollars before taxes. By the way, I purchased this with my own money and I’m not sponsored by Lenovo. Let’s start with CPU performance.

The new Ryzen for 700 u8 core thread processor is a monster in a deep bench. Although it doesn’t quite hit the multi-core score at the 8 core 16 thread MacBook Pro 16.

Lenovo’s Budget IdeaPad 5 14 (Ryzen 4700U) Features

I am comparing it to a two and a half thousand dollar laptop that wallops into a core i7 fork or a thread isolate processor even much more expensive laptops like the Dell XPS 9300 and the MacBook Pro 13 in single-core performance.

It is neck and neck with the best laptops out there. This laptop does offer two performance modes: the default intelligent cooling and extreme performance moving on to Cinebench r20. It maxes out the CPU cores is where this CPU combined with the cooling in this chassis really shines.

It makes a complete mockery of Intel laptops. It cost more than twice its price; the only laptop that beat was the eight-core version of the MacBook Pro 16 which is over three times the price when we look at CPU speeds.

While under load you can see that it starts at a lofty 4.2 gigahertz on extreme performance mode which is odd as this processor is only meant to go up to four point one Giga. He’ll call it then stabilizes at 3.6 gigahertz higher than any other laptop in this list when looking at power draw.

I saw around 33 watts of power being fed to the CPU which is around the same as the MacBook Pro 13 Dru. Even though it’s Cinebench performance was only two-thirds of the idea pads.

By the way, I got some odd results here with extreme performance mode. Hardware info stated that the CPU only drew around 26 watts of power I would have expected it to draw more than on intelligent cooling CPU temperatures were very good maxing out at 86 Celsius nowhere near the hundred Celsius.

They see on the Dell XPS nine 300 the MacBook Pro 13 or the MacBook Air on chassis temperatures the ones you would actually feel if you use the laptop they were very good on intelligent cooling.

The laptop remains comfortably cool to the touch on extreme performance and it did get a bit warmer. But thankfully nothing like the hot temperatures on the XPS 9300 chassis, the ID pad 515 was noticeably cooler on extreme performance. But it has a bigger chassis which tends to allow more airflow and the material used on the chassis doesn’t seem to conduct as much heat as on the IdeaPad 514.

The fan does turn off when on battery power but when plugged in it seems to be always on that being said it’s only slightly noticeable in a quiet room. I really don’t think it’s loud enough to be disturbing if you plan to use this laptop in a classroom or a library under load.

It sounded similar to the Dell XPS 13. When on the intelligent cooling which is good on extreme performance it sounded as loud as the MacBook Pro 13 overall given that the fans aren’t high pitched the volume from the fans is good.

I noticed no coil whine in my unit all right on to real-world applications and this laptop had mixed results. It performed very well opening up Microsoft Office documents in some coding tasks like starting the integrated development environment IntelliJ compiling code and debugging on the Jacke boss application server.

In the skewer large database reload though it didn’t perform as well and was similar to the XPS but slower than the MacBook Pro. Air one hypothesis is that the SSD speed of this laptop may have something to do with it lucky its user-replaceable for other tasks. It didn’t perform as well.

I found it interesting that the IdeaPad 515 started much quicker even though it had the same file start setting where this laptop did not perform well at all. In fact, it was a disaster was in Premiere Pro and exporting standard h.264 footage used on say u2 when looking at task manager.

I could see straight away that the GPU has not been used, it was doing a software render even though I told premier to do a hardware one the IdeaPad 515 with horizon 4 500 you CPU fared even worse not only does it. It has a 6 core processor versus the eight cores in the IdeaPad 14.

But my unit came with 8 gig of ram compared to the 16 that I got in my IdeaPad 14 you can see when we look at the memory area and task manager. While rendering the IdeaPad 514 is making use of that extra ram so my theory is that the IdeaPad 515 is also being bottlenecked due to only 8 gigs of RAM.

It seems Premiere Pro does not take advantage of AMD’s video coding engine at all; hopefully adobe can release an update to enable this. I did try a couple of rounds of League of Legends and found it played very well at 1080 settings; my five strike scores confirm this.

You can see it beat out Intel’s new g7 graphics in the far more expensive Dell XPS. So I’d classify this laptop is good enough for casual gaming but nothing more memory has been set up in dual channel for optimal performance. It’s just like on the 15-inch model which is great.

If you are comparing this laptop to other budget laptops please factor this in taking a look at the new dell Inspiron 5000 series. With AMD many have single-channel RAM which will perform substantially worse the Samsung SSD isn’t the fastest out there. But it is pretty fast; it’s marginally faster than the sky-high max in the 15.

It’s about as fast as the one in the Dell XPS 9300 Wi-Fi speeds are great no drops and it’s the new Intel ax 200 Wi-Fi 6 chip nice the ceiling over can put this into their budget range.

Even though Apple can’t manage to put it into its pro range the display is of a similar quality to the IdeaPad 515. This is very good for a laptop under $800 but definitely worse than more expensive laptops.

The brightness is good enough and combined with the fact that both of these laptops have matte panels which aren’t reflective. It should be very viewable in a moderately bright room and a little sunlight.

It’s definitely better than the display in the Asus with three that to do a review unless you are only using the laptop with an external monitor. I would avoid the Asus with three for this razor as this is a 14 inch 1080 panel. You are faced with what I consider a bad choice in Windows display scaling settings either run it at 125 percent.

It makes everything look too big or at a hundred percent which makes everything look too small although this is completely subjective. I find 125 percent works better on a 13-inch and a hundred percent works better on a 15 in Windows. You can set a custom scaling like.

So I personally set this laptop to 110 percent this screen is not a Touchscreen. Unlike the IdeaPad 515, I also did not detect any PWM flickering when lowering the brightness which is good.

There was a mild amount of backlight bleeding in my unit but there were no dead pixels overall. This screen should be sufficient for using office applications and coding.

I would avoid using it for photo or video editing though unless you just can’t spend more than 800 US dollars. This is because it’s probably the best screen you’ll get in that price range unless of course, you buy second hand the keyboard is excellent.

Just like on the IdeaPad 515 very satisfying key travel and click beak spacious layout and no odd surprises where keys are placed no number pad though. But keys are backlit which is good to the track band is also very good and works very well. The speaker sounds decent and there is nice stereo separation.

The speakers also face upwards so they won’t be muted. If you use this laptop on your lap but there is certainly no bass. It doesn’t come close to the MacBook Pro 13 speakers.

In fact, I found the IdeaPad 515 speakers to be louder audio latency is really good, and while latency Mon was running. I did some rather heavy tasks on the laptop, the chassis looks and feels more premium than on the IdeaPad 515 because of the material used in a darker color.

It does pick up fingerprints however it’s not a fingerprint magnet like the black Razor laptops. I noticed no sharp edges and the laptop can be opened with one hand.

The port situation is ok. The good news is that a laptop is charged by the single USB port plus there are two USB ports and an SD card reader. So for most folks you covered the bad news is that the SD card reader isn’t the fastest and neither are the USB ports.

These are all 3.1 gen one that’s extremely important that you should know if you plan to use an external monitor is that in the 15-inch version the HDMI connector is only 1.4 B.

That means you will only get 30 frames per second when driving a 4k screen which is a terrible experience. As just moving the mouse feels jolting on the 14-inch though I discovered that even though.

It is also noted as 1.4 beyond Lenovo’s product page I actually got 60 frames per second at 4k meaning. It is likely HDMI 2.0 but before you say I can’t get the 15-inch laptop.

Because of this if you plug the monitor in via the USB C port then it will use the DisplayPort signal and can drive a 4k monitor at 60 frames per second. So you’re probably thinking you should get the 14-inch version as it gives you more flexibility when using an external monitor right not so fast.

The 14-inch version has a different downside due to its ports; it doesn’t have the barrel pin charger and only changes over the single USB-C port. If you want to use any other USB C devices that don’t use power to the laptop.

You have to run the laptop on battery power while doing so is a minor annoyance. Because the charging port is only on the left side of the laptop you will have to run a cable around the back.

If you plan to use an outlet on the right side the laptop weighs in at 1.4 kilograms or 3.1 pounds first 1.6 kilograms or 3.6 pounds in the IdeaPad 515.

Both of these I consider light and portable for their size battery life was around 5 hour. In my test with brightness set to max doing tasks like writing the script and watching clicks similar to the IdeaPad 515. They both have a 57-watt hour battery and on battery life.

I noticed no slowdowns of performance which was good like the IdeaPad 515 the webcam is pretty bad. But at least it’s placed in a good place and it has a privacy filter.

The fingerprint reader also worked well. The charger is a 65-watt USBC want better mentioned because there is only one USB C port. If you want to plug something else into that port you will have to run the laptop on battery power.

Which is very annoying. They should have added a second opening up the laptop. I could see one large fan and a replaceable SSD. It is the smaller lens m2 type though to my delight I found a second full-length m2 slot available.

I experienced no blue screens or lockups while using this laptop which is good. Alright here’s what I think just like the IdeaPad 515 this is a revolutionary device for the budget category six months ago.

I could not have imagined getting a powerful 8 core CPU 16 gig of ram, a fight or guess SD and a decent screen for fewer than eight hundred US dollars. I would have thought you found some great secondhand deal or something putting the internal components aside though.

As there will be models of the 15-inch with this CPU and RAM if this were your only laptop. I would recommend getting the 15 inches over the 14 – reasons for this one the 15 inch has two options for charging which means you can charge it while also using the USB C port and two for displays. Like these which aren’t the brightest or the most color accurate.

I find the larger 15-inch to be more comfortable on the eyes than the 14 plus the 15 inch is already very lightweight and portable. Anyway, if you think you aren’t going to ever use the USB C port or are getting this to supplement a bigger laptop or desktop at home.

Then sure get the 14 inches that being said everyday users who are just browsing the web and watching Netflix. If you can come up with the extra 150 US dollars I’d advise you to get the base model MacBook Air instead.

Even though it is far less powerful it is powerful enough for you and it has a much better screen and has two USB ports. If you do want the power though this 14-inch laptop paired with a good external monitor that charges via USB see like the one I mentioned.

It is going to be an awesome combo and I highly and finally it’s going to take a bit of time for major software developers like Adobe to update their applications to take full advantage of these new AMD processors.

But the more of us who buy these the more pressure you will place on them to hurry up tons of people have messaged me saying that these models aren’t available.

I have reached out to Lenovo and they are being sold but I just frequently out of stock due to supply issues and probably popularity so if you see one and want one don’t dilly-dally.

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