Google Pixel Buds 2020 Characteristics

Google Pixel Buds 2020 Characteristics

New Google Pixel Buds 2020 Quality Review

If you’re gonna get rid of the headphone jack, you might as well make him good right. But as far as the de facto standard wireless earbuds for Android you think Google would make the best ones.

When they finally got rid of the headphone jack in the pixel they did make the first pixel buds but they weren’t that good. they’re pretty disappointing honestly. If they had the cable between them they had missing features they weren’t very comfortable.

So I never really recommended them but now these are the new 2020 pixel buzz maybe you’ve seen them by now. They are way better, they are miles better than the previous ones that weren’t a very high bar to clear but they vaulted so far up there now in my top three favorite wireless earbuds period.

Let’s talk about what they did so much better and why so the big bold points for these are they’re 179 they have a 5 hours battery life and they don’t have noise cancellation.

So actually on the surface with just those specs they’re not that impressive at all right you know pretty average battery life and no noise cancellation like some of the other premium buds.

So what makes them so good and honestly it’s just that they nail all the fundamentals like really well. I’ve just been rock-solid to use so you can start off with the case here.

It’s a sweet soft-touch matte finish and I like this white one and it’s got a black and white contrast like. I like the Panda pixel. Basically there’s matching lights one on the inside and one on the outside and the buds just go right in and snap satisfyingly into place with the magnets pretty easily.

They’re strong magnets so they’re easy to get out but once you snap them in they’re not going anywhere and it’s got this satisfying snap shut with the magnets and the hinge a lot of them have this.

But not all of them do the old fabric ones definitely didn’t so this is sweet and it’s just small. It’s just a small little pebble case. It’s really pocketable. It’s around the same size as an ear pods pro case.

If you’ve seen that before and just as thin so on the spectrum of different case sizes for Wireless buds these are really nice that makes a big difference for us as far as how often we want them around and actually use them basically.

If they can fit in the tiny pocket inside the main pocket in my jeans I’m in I’ll carry these but then on top of all of that, it’s a USB type-c port on the bottom for Wired charging.

There’s also wireless charging so you can drop them on a wireless charger where the coils line up like this Nomad one or any flat one. But ironically not the pixel stand by Google or on the back of any phone that supports reverse wireless charging. This new case is a lot more than many other Wireless buds can say you know so many times the case is too big.

It’s not a high-quality build like this is a nice case wireless charging USB type-c. All this together that’s nice so then we get to the buds which are also white.

If you want to go a little more low-key there is also a black version and some other colors coming soon but they’re also very small to the point where the super low profile in my ear is a nice selling point.

They don’t stick out very far at all like it basically just looks like a little disc in your ear there’s no stem and they stay in my ears really well. Thanks to these little mini wingtip things.

These are permanently attached to the buds so they’re part of the actual earbuds unlike some of the Jaybirds. Those are much more adjustable and you know everybody’s ears are different.

So it’s hard to say if this will work for everyone but they’re a great fit for me. You set them in place and you just kind of twist them into your ear and they lock into your ear .

They’re not going anywhere and comfort is also very good. I’m using the medium-sized rubber tips that came with them and they work great the longest I usually have you know headphones in a row. Maybe three or four hours top for like a flight or something and that’s about as long as I’d wear these.

Although I know some people keep their headphones on all day to work in a coffee shop and I think that’s pushing it for them. The wingtip at that point starts to feel like kind of a pressure point.

But as far as others I’ve tried the rock-solid lock in my ear and the shape of them is great and again way better than the previous pixel buds. But then the other scenario for me is working out in them and I’ve gotten really picky about work out headphones

They stay in my ears a hundred percent true but I still prefer the Jaybirds with a bigger soft wingtip that just feels more secure and comfortable in my ear. If you do want to double these as workout headphones they do stay in the ear and of course, the upside is the pixel buds are also ipx4 water-resistant.

So if you want to go workout in them they’ll survive some sweat or some rain. If you go running outdoors all that is great so how do they sound? That’s the big question with these a lot of people have had some mixed opinions on them to keep it perfectly simple.

They sound pretty great. I’m a fan of the sound. These guys have 12-millimeter drivers that give great detail and volume even some impressive instrument separation.

If you’re just sitting still and just listening which I did for a while no weird issues or anything with the sound. They’re compatible with a great variety of stuff.

Now I think the downside some people will have is that bass is lacking a little bit of punch. You know it’s a little bit lighter on the bass. This is typically where I’d say okay go ahead and head into the EQ and add some bass back but there is no EQ built into the pixel buds app.

That’s definitely something to keep in mind. If you know what kind of sound you really like but I think the main thing to keep in mind here as far as sound is these are not active noise-canceling headphones.

They are what’s called passive noise isolating which basically just means the physical seal that it makes in your ear is all you get. I guess really I don’t mind too much that they don’t have it like it would be nice you know on one hand the noise cancellation.

I’ve heard from the two to three hundred fifty dollar earbuds like ear pods Pro Sony WF 1000 CM 3 you know those more expensive ones. It’s really nice and they sound better but these do undercut them quite a bit in price.

So I guess I can’t be too mad especially when I do everything else so well okay extra features so there’s a lightweight pixel bud app that you installed during the setup process.

When you first pair these buds on your phone and you get some nice little extras down in their first of all it lays out and let’s learn all the swiping and tapping controls on the buds works on both sides for the media.

They’re pretty easy to learn: swipe forward or backward for volume one tap to play, pause two taps to skip forward, triple tap to go back and a long press to pull up.

Google assistant I found this pretty intuitive. The only downside is the bugs are so small that you know. When I was first learning these headphones I would like to miss the earbuds.

I’d kind of hit the back of it and almost knocked it out of my ear. When I’m trying to swipe but I’ve gotten used to that over time and let me tell you having the Google assistant in your ear all the time is pretty sweet.

You just say the keyword not gonna say it out loud but you just say that and suddenly you’re asking it questions all the time and there’s just something that feels like the future about putting your finger up to your ear like an FBI agent.

I’m just asking it a random question and getting an answer in your ear even if I do just keep asking it the weather over and over again I love it. There’s also a feature called adaptive sound which is basically supposed to change the volume of your media automatically based on the loudness of the environment you’re in.

But I haven’t been in an environment loud enough to see if this really works well. So I don’t know I just leave this off and I select to change the volume myself and the awesome case.

I talked about also does quick charge so if you find the battery is about to die and you have a little bit of a quick break pop them in the case for ten minutes and you get two more hours of listening time out of it.

It gives you a 24 hours total with the buds and the case of the battery when it comes down to it. I really liked it easier but I think they’re enough to turn me into wearing earbuds everywhere I go.

This quarantine life of being able to walk around the house with your earbuds in but your phone’s upstairs but you can still call up the assistant and listen to the podcast it’s kind of nice and as a bonus.

There is no noticeable Bluetooth lag when watching videos with headphones or playing games or anything like that which is awesome and you constantly also know your battery life thanks to the app which may give you a bit of anxiety.

But I find it helpful but it really just nails the fundamentals across the board’s biggest downside. I think there is no noise cancellation but you know for people who have used passive noise isolating earbuds before we know if you turn the volume up loud enough.

You can’t really hear anything else around you any way I wouldn’t fly with these because it doesn’t have noise cancellation but that’s just me also the battery life is average and I think if they did do noise cancellation with these the battery life would have gotten even worse and that would have been pretty bad.

Maybe later they’ll do a next-gen or a more premium pixel buds Pro and that’ll be 279 and they’ll do noise cancellation and a bigger battery. I could see that but until then these new 2020 pixel buds are nice there are some my favorite air pods right now right.

Alongside I’ll go this is top 3 along with ear pods Pro and galaxy buds plus from Samsung, they are above the Sennheiser’s that I love so much even though the Sennheiser’s sound better because this is so much smaller and more portable. It’s more likely for me to use it so well done Google thumbs up for the pixel buds.

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