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Dope Tech Bluetooth Speaker the series where we take a look at the most impressive most amazing most incredible tech that’s out there brought to you by the dope Tech shirt. So in this quarantine edition of Dope Tech Bluetooth Speaker we’ve got some tech that’s around the studio right now that is still really crazy impressive sometimes.

I’ve been talking about on Twitter and Instagram and showing so this is called the Sisyphus table Sisyphus table there’s a bunch of different styles and types and versions of this but we should know is Sisyphus is the figure from Greek mythology who is condemned to rolling a huge boulder up a mountain for eternity on this table.

Dope Tech Bluetooth Speaker

Boulder is this steel marble rolling through the sand and Sisyphus is a rotating magnet position by a Wi-Fi connected robot arm. When it’s doing its thing and how I guess easily distracted I can be a little more bellowing around.

But it’s really cool fundamentally. It’s just a regular table on top with this thin layer of silica sand that comes with the table itself you literally just pour it in and spread it out and set it up.

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Then underneath is the tech itself which is a computer that’s rotating this arm around with a magnet on it that controls where that ball goes and. It’s a pretty fine-tuned control as you can see to the point where you know these overlapping lines can create these thin lines and really precise shapes and designs.

You can add more or less sand for a different look and there’s an LED ring around the table that makes this dramatic evenly lit look. I’m super into then on top of all that there’s an app there’s a Sisyphus app that lets you control everything.

So there are whole playlists of user-generated patterns and images that you can have drawn. Some are simple. Some are much more complex and you can even attempt to make your own in the app itself. But it is super hard to let me tell you to make anything that looks as good as the stuff that’s already there.

I stick with the premade ones; it also does this really satisfying erasing sequence after every new piece of art. We could wash it all day literally which is why I put it in a different room but really that’s what made a Dope Tech Bluetooth Speaker for me. It’s technically internet-connected, it has an app, it is tech.

It’s moving art it’s mesmerizing watching the ball go around in circles and draw these new designs erase everything then draw something new erase it again. Then just continue perpetually forever just like the myth itself all right next item up is this guy right here this is the matte black phantom reactor it’s a wireless speaker.

It’s pretty compact. You can see it plug into the wall and it’s most impressive for how small it is versus how incredibly loud it actually gets. So this version of the phantom is it’s maybe the size of an iPad Mini.

It’s like eight inches long 6 inches wide and it weighs 4.3 kilograms or about 10 pounds. It’s like a bowling ball. So it’s a super-compact design and it’s also pretty simple so besides being matte black. It’s nice and clean.

It’s the smaller full-range driver on the front and then these two side pieces are the woofers that really move air and then on the back. You have these fins that are literally a heat sink and the whole idea is the cabinet is so compact and so dense that it produces the super loud sound from how much air.

It moves and it moves a lot of air when it’s playing you know at high volumes get this massive punchy rich bass from these big drivers and how much air they push from all that small cabinet space it’s already connected to Spotify.

When you get two of the exact same model you can pair them together as a stereo pair. There’s one over here one on the other side of the studio and they’re a left-right stereo pair and when you connect to it and Spotify it sees it as one speaker and appropriately splits it and then you get that sweet loud stereo image.

It actually does have a little bit of computer on the inside for the record every speaker does. But this one, of course, has Internet-connected features too so it has an ARM processor and half a gig of ram and you know your Wi-Fi chip that’s all it needs.

This speaker is a tiny portable noise complaint is what it is; it gets so crazy loud at high volume and has surprisingly little distortion at those high volumes; not surprisingly is a pretty bass-heavy sound overall. There isn’t really a midsize driver to focus on the midst.

So I can kind of feel like a V-shaped EQ or just outdoor space. It’s not a huge deal and I know in the title that says it’s a $3500 speaker there are actually a couple different versions of it there’s a six hundred and a nine hundred watt version.

This is the 900-watt compact version but then there’s a bigger phantom that’s 2,000 watts and then four thousand five hundred watts. So you’re over a hundred decibels peak at that point which is nuts but that high-end version costs about four thousand dollars. You know this is a little safer than that I guess all. I’m really saying it’s worth the noise complaint. It’s really impressive.

In order to understand why this is Dope Tech Bluetooth Speaker you have to understand what’s so special about the original Helios 44 – so this is my Helios 44 – two lens it obviously doesn’t look quite like the rest of the lenses in the collection and that’s because it’s a vintage used Russian lens. You can grab on Amazon or eBay for about 60 bucks.

I’ve had it for a while and it’s known for its swirly booked and really fun optical characteristics see most modern lenses especially in the cinema world are very clinical rectilinear super high on maximizing sharpness.

Minimizing distortion and giving you the most accurate look possible and generally, that’s good but sometimes you just want a more fun look to play with. So you might have recognized this swirly background in various videos.

These have all come from this one little vintage Helios lens; it is a 58-millimeter lens. It’s not particularly sharp and it’s also so old that it’s really not very well built or easy to use but it gets the job done.

The look is fun so this as you might have guessed is what’s called a refocused lens a refocused version of this and it’s pretty common in the industry to refocus various lenses for certain reasons.

But for this one, it makes perfect sense so it’s still as optically fun and unique as the Helios because it’s the same glass. It’s in a barrel that gives it much better build quality, a much longer life and a much longer focused throw to make it easier to focus on things.

It gives it gears for a follow focus if you want to use that it gives it threads four filters if you want to add those and just overall a more satisfying confident feel this one’s made by a company called iron glass.

The swirly background shots come from now you know fun fact did you know that one terabyte SD cards are just out there in the world now along with one terabyte micro SD card as well.

This is three and fifty bucks so it is pretty expensive for an SD card but it’s also not insane for a terabyte and the grand scheme of terabytes. You can buy any way I feel a little nervous putting that much data on a card you could just snap in half. Anyway there you have it, an insane Bluetooth speaker, a magnetic table, vintage refocused lenses.

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