Apple Silicon ARM

ARM – The Next Level Apple Macbook

All right so next year we’re probably seeing a new breed of MacBook and this is an important one. But also for people that are interested in buying a laptop this year. You want to look at this stuff because this may affect your purchase decision so the rumors have been floating around forever but
PS 5 2020

PS 5 2020 – Advance next generation gaming

PS 5 2020 Gaming Console The next generation of gaming consoles is finally almost upon us. We got the PS 5 2020 reveal not too long ago. When we got that event with all the exclusive games. The teasers and hardware reveal and everything. We saw the two different versions; everything’s very dramatic. Now I

Dope Tech Expensive Bluetooth Speaker

<title> Dope Tech Bluetooth Speaker </title>   Dope Tech Bluetooth Speaker the series where we take a look at the most impressive most amazing most incredible tech that’s out there brought to you by the dope Tech shirt. So in this quarantine edition of Dope Tech Bluetooth Speaker we’ve got some tech that’s around the