Android 11 top 5 features and Specifications

Android New Updates

This is about the brand new Android 11 top 5 features and specifications. Every single new version of Android we’ll get an early look at it in the form of an alpha or beta release. Then we’ll dig into it, find the coolest new features and then share it with the guests now this year with Android 11.

These earlier builds were honestly a little bit underwhelming. As the Alpha builds were not super feature-rich. They weren’t ready but now that we’re moving towards that time of year where we are having the Google I/O but now it has been canceled.

Now that we’re getting to that time the beta builds that are coming out. Especially this first one is a lot closer to final and there’s some good stuff in.

Here we’re gonna dive in and take a look now keep in mind Android as just as a whole. It is a lot more well-baked and more mature than it was a couple years ago.

So, a couple years ago and a version update like this could be a whole visual overhaul. This isn’t a visual overhaul anymore this is a lot more tweaking a lot more fine-tuning but there is still some cool stuff.

Android 11 top 5 features

Some good features in here so that’s we’re gonna take a look at and yeah so this is a top 5 new features in Android xi.

Number 5 is the updated pixel launcher so this has been my favorite launcher.

Android 11 Best Top 5 Upgradations

I guess on any Android phone for a couple years now anytime . I get a new phone I just kind of try to make the home screen feel kind of like a pixel. But they have tweaked some stuff here.

So, first of all, they let me turn auto rotation on the home screen which corrects me if I’m wrong.

That wasn’t enabled before so you can just turn your phone sideways. It is like a tablet and just use it like that right away. I don’t think I ever would use my phone like this on the home screen.

I almost never turned it that way anyway so it’s cool. I don’t think that was enabled before then there’s now a new option for your bottom row of apps to be app suggestions.

Basically, it moves everything up a row and then that whole new bottom row is suggested apps open on your phone. It is based on learned behaviors and you can pin a suggested app and place it down there.

Android 11 top 5 features

If you think it should be there permanently. There’s also an option in settings to block an app from ever showing up there so just check the box. You don’t want it ever to suggest this to me is kind of neat. I guess if those suggestions get really good.

But I’m not a huge fan of the idea of my home screen being variable. I feel like they should just stay locked in place so I have quick access to everything now inside the app drawer.

They let you have that top row as suggestions. Any other option then the app switcher is also a little bit different huge cards still. But now you get an app screenshot button, a share button and a select button to select text within the app.

You now lose the extra pull-down to get into the app drawer and there are some small new animations. We can catch that you can see the wallpaper shifts a bit when you pull the notification bar down.

It also shifts when you pull up into the app drawer. It’s really subtle it’s super subtle. But that’s nice alright so number four is the new media controls up at the top now.

That’s because it’s a bit buggy and incomplete. But when you do go into the developer settings and enable. It puts this little colorized media widget in the top of your quick settings pulls down.

Android 11 New Updates

I think it’s sweet. It’s like an Android eyes version of the iPhones quick settings media toggle. Since it’s at the top. It means that you never have to scroll very far to pause whatever music or the podcast you’re listening to now.

Like I said it is a bit buggy but you can have more than one open at once. But it doesn’t yet work with every single app like it doesn’t work with YouTube yet. Also sometimes the playback scrubber doesn’t work.

Generally, I’m a big fan of this feature. You can also quickly toggle playback devices so if you have headphones or speakers paired stuff. Which you can quickly get to that and the little mini player the color of it is always gonna match the album art of whatever you’re listening to.

Again very subtle but that’s a nice alright number three-voice access or voice control full credits to dieter from the verge for surfacing this for me. I feel like anything that improves accessibility on a phone. Basically anyone can use and what gets this good it’s worth it so here’s how it works.

So the voice access feature itself is not new. You can grab it from the place door it shows up in the menus of your phone. When you enable it in this new Android beta it’s controlling the phone with your voice.

About Android OS 

The best improvement here is instead of just saying the number corresponding to what you want to press. You can actually also just say the name of the action. A pro scroll down scroll up to go home open Chrome scroll up to go back.

Delete all text go back go home. It’s pretty yet okay so number two the power button holds. It is usually just to like turn off the phone or reset gets even more functionality.

Now I’m not sure why they chose the power button hold for this stuff. Other than just giving quick access to things that weren’t originally quick but here we are so.

Now when you press and hold the power button. Instead of just getting shut down, restart and screenshot you get all those things plus a shortcut to Google pay. Whatever,  other cards and passes like boarding passes you have which are broken right now.

In this beta and then also a bunch of smart home toggles and I happen to have some compatible smart home stuff. I can control so I can turn my smart lights on and off and they work pretty quickly it seems like a nest thermostat.

Also worked quickly and easily and you can even preview nest cameras now. Again I don’t know if putting them here in the power button long-press menu is what I expected or what most users will expect to find.

Android 11 New Display

It’s ok with the side note if you aren’t. You can go into the system settings under the power menu and take away the things. If you don’t care about having here. Then number one the biggest new change in yet another Android update is a new notification shade classic Android updates.

In Android 11 the notifications get separated into three categories: there’s conversations alerting notifications and silent notifications. So, conversations are for messaging basically so text messages Twitter dm’s or whatever other apps end up supporting this.

I imagine slack and other messaging apps then alerting notifications are basically all the standard stuff. That is where you’d have them pile up normally and then silent notifications are the ones. These are persistent happening in the background more background stuff like whether or Google now cards.

If it also got these more jelly animations they’re pretty sloppy actually at the moment in this beta. But I think they can clean them up. They’ll look nice and that’s the real main change here. There are also some other little things like you can do bubble notifications now.


My favorite new feature of these is definitely the new media controls up in the top nice little compact widget up here. Because I’m always listening to something I feel like – something music or podcast.

But I’m curious let me know in the comments section well your favorite feature of these 5 is now at the end of the day. Right now on my pixel 4 and that’s what you’d expect is a pixel to get it. There are a couple other pixel models that can download it and test it right now.

Some people are literally daily Miss beta but there’s kind of no way to know when a Samsung phone, HTC phone, a Motorola phone and one plus phone are all gonna get it when the carriers will allow it.

I don’t know that whether you want to guarantee that you get these latest features in your phone. You have to have a pixel basically and that’s the way it’s been for a little while but other than that’s about all we know that’s the top 5 features in Android 11.

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