13 inches MacBook Pro vs 16 inches MacBook Pro

13 inches MacBook Pro vs 16 inches MacBook Pro

Here we’re going to be doing a comparison .we’re comparing the brand-new 2020 13-inch MacBook Pro with a new tenth generation Intel processor against the 16 inch MacBook Pro and finding out which one you should spend your hard-earned money on.

How much of a performance difference do we have going up to the 16 inches or can you get away with just getting this 13 it’s just much more compact, smaller and also lighter.

We’re not only going to be comparing the performance of the CPU and the graphics, we’re also going to be talking about the keyboards, the design, the displays, the webcams speakers and much more.

Let’s start out with the physical differences. You guys could see that even though on paper 16-inch doesn’t seem like that much bigger than 13.3, in reality, it is a massive difference. The screen is much larger, the whole body is much larger.

If you guys could tell the bezels are slimmer on the 16 inches Apple put in a larger display whereas the 13.3 inch is the same.

Apple did not upgrade to a 14 inch and recently there’s been even more leaks and rumors about the 14 inch not coming probably for at least another year so if you guys are waiting on that’s probably gonna be a long wait now.

Let’s go ahead and close these guys up. I’m gonna stack the 13 inches on top of the 16 inches. Size difference is pretty substantial and if you’re used to the 13 inches this thing seems massive along with that we have weight differences 13 inches.

Just over three pounds compared to this is 4.3 but it does feel a lot heavier in the hand with that said it’s pretty surprising that the thickness is almost identical and one the really great thing about this higher-end 13-inch is that it also has four Thunderbolt three ports just like the 16 inch so you’re not limited in connectivity opening these back up the 16 inches was the first MacBook to get Apple magic keyboard this has more key travel.

It is more reliable and uses scissor switches much better than the butterfly keyboard Apple now brought that to the 13-inch MacBook Pros it’s identical keyboard the touch bar is now separated from the Escape key.

So that is excellent the keyboards are identical the track pads are also identical they’re excellent as far as the technology and how they work the 16-inch one is larger and it is absolutely massive but it is excellent and it does a good job with rejecting palms and anything like that.

The last physical difference is the speaker grilles, the 16 inch MacBook Pros much larger so as larger speaker grilles and Apple definitely packs some great speakers in here we’ll do a comparison here in just a bit.

But first let’s talk about the displays: both of these screens are excellent, they’re all nice and bright 500 units with good anti reflectivity coatings and they both have a high pixel density the 13-inch has just over 4 million pixels whereas a 16 inch has 5.9 million pixels.

Because the screen is larger it evens out one thing that I do have to mention is that if you’re a professional you’re doing photo editing especially video editing graphics design it definitely is nicer to have this larger screen you have more space for tools for settings.

You can’t do it on the 13-inch but you do notice a difference and it is more comfortable as long as you can handle the larger size both of these displays have excellent color accuracy and they both are capable of displaying clip three colors which are about 25 percent more than your standard SRGB.

If you guys see this little box here you see the logo on the inside most laptops cannot display this shade.

If you’re professional you’re working with colors both are going to be great and now it’s time for our speaker comparison you guys get your best pair of headphones Apple made a huge deal about the 16 inch MacBook Pros featuring six speakers being their best system for the sound the 15 inch isn’t bad either so let’s go ahead and compare them.

I want to let you know that you guys asked for a different song. We finally found one. Let’s go ahead I want to say that was surprising because we just compared the 13-inch to the base model which has worse speakers and to the XPS which has aware speakers.

It sounded fantastic but now putting it up against a 16 inch it sounds bad and it actually doesn’t sound bad it sounds great but the 16 inches sounds amazing basically like you have a better base you have crisper highs.

But the midst stands out so much I only noticed a one-decibel difference on my Apple watch as far as volume but the sound quality difference is huge both of these MacBooks feature 720p webcams.

This is the quality of the video and audio you can get from the 13-inch MacBook Pro and this is the webcam and microphone quality from the 16 inch MacBook Pro and Apple calls the microphones in this MacBook Pro Studio quality.

You guys let me know what differences you notice down in the comment section below and now it’s time to talk about performance and I know you guys are all waiting for this the 13-inch is very interesting because we finally have a better CPU and much better graphics performance.

Some people are wanting to downsize from a larger laptop and we’re going to find out how much the performance difference is there we’re gonna start out with Geek bench.

I’m gonna go ahead and run it. Another very interesting thing is that this year for this model Apple has given us 16 gigs of RAM bass you don’t have to spend extra money for that’s great.

They’ve never done that before. We also have 512 gigs of SSD just like the 16 inches we have tension processors whereas the 16 inches this one has 910 which are basically the same as 8th gen this is a 6 core.

This is going to get interesting and we have our results and they are interesting as far as single-core the 13-inch MacBook Pro is about 15% faster now the single-core is used for some very simple tasks.

Even for some video editing like generating waveforms that are usually a single task that is being used now as far as multi-core, our 16 inch with a 6 core processor gets close to 30% higher the performance which might make a difference in the photo editing a video.

Both of these have 500 12 gigs SSDs so let’s go ahead and do a Black magic speed test to see if we see any differences so right away as far as right it is a little bit higher and as read even Marshall.

Let it go one more time here so it looks like we have about a hundred megabytes per second faster on their right with the 16 inches about 600 megabytes per second.

Faster with reading speeds so there is a difference even though the SSDs are the same size but with most tasks you’re not going to notice a difference and now let’s touch on the graphics.

I’m gonna run a Geek bench fives metal test. This is probably one of the biggest differences between these laptops: the 13-inch MacBook Pro has integrated graphics built into the CPU.

Even though it’s a big improvement compared to last year the 16 inch has a dedicated graphics card and here we have the scores we have practically 10,000 for the 13-inch and basically 25,000 for the 16 inch.

That is a massive difference even though we have much better much more power for graphics with the new 2020 compared to 2019 13 inch, 16 inch still is way ahead let’s take a look at gaming this is Unigine heaven.

It’s a gaming benchmark and right off the bat the 16 inch looks really smooth we’re getting 38-40 frames per second compared to about 13 for this scene. That is a big difference.

The 16 inch is noticeably louder but do keep in mind we’re getting much better performance and that dedicated graphics chip is using a lot more wattage so here you guys see the difference.

We have 13 and a half fps compared to 45 it’s a massive difference in terms of gaming if you’re somebody that wants to play games if you can handle the larger size you’re definitely going to have a much better experience with the 16 inches and now it’s time to test Cinebench our 20 which is going to give us another look at the thermal performance.

These CPUs are capable of when they’re put under a 100 percent load say you’re rendering you’re transcending doing those kinds of tasks so right off the bat we see 91 watts that the MacBook Pro is you using that’s a lot of power for the 16-inch this will run up to 40 watts.

The 13-inch one has a lower wattage CPU and that is going to make a difference in ultimate performance and the 16 inches even though we have six cores it’s right now hitting 3.6 gigahertz compared to 3.0 with the four core the 13-inch went up to hunt degrees Celsius fairly quickly whereas the sixteen-inch.

It is getting hotter now but it’s a much more gradual curb and what this means is if you’re gonna put a quick 20-second intensive blow it on the system the 16 inch is gonna stay silent where the 13-inch is gonna kick up its fans a little bit earlier the 16 inches just finished up and right.

When I was finishing up the fans ramped up and go almost as loud as the 13 inches but it finished the task and the 13-inch looks like the fans are maxed out now and the 13 inch is now a done we’ve got a thousand six hundred eighty 4s by the lowest score that I’ve seen one thing.

I think maybe if you’re plugging it into power I noticed unplugged it actually got that the highest score so that is interesting maybe also with fans, there’s a difference whereas the 16 inches got 2700 so basically another thousand points in CPU performance now that we know these performance differences in terms of benchmarks.

Let’s see how they actually apply in the real world we’re gonna start out with photo editing using Lightroom. I have 50 42 megapixel RAW images opened up here and those are no joke when we’re just switching through with these photographs you see there’s a little bit of delay.

Because I already have a bunch of effects stacked on these Raw clips the 16 inch is slightly faster but not by that much. The 16 inch is super smooth no issues whatsoever but the 13 inch also does a surprisingly good job.

I’m seeing very little delay now let’s go ahead and export these 50 images and see the difference we get so it’s been a minute and there’s already some very interesting things happening both these computers are using a hundred percent of their CPUs but the MacBook Pro hit a hundred Recall sues very quickly.

16 inches silent and it’s at 84 degrees Celsius so at 81 it’s slowly starting to heat up but there’s a big thermal and noise difference when we’re doing this now as far as the performance they’re not that far off.

Surprisingly now it’s been two minutes since the MacBook Pro 13 inches fans are at full blast, whereas a 16 inch is completely silent at 2700 RPMs all right so we have our results.

I want to say first there are three things that surprised me: first the MacBook Pro 16 inch is much quieter second the GPUs were barely used so even though we have a much more powerful graphics card.

It’s really not doing much for photo editing and third is the speed the 16 inches took three minutes and 11 seconds and the 13 inches took three minutes and 28 seconds that is barely any difference it’s really insignificant I was expecting this to take about 50 percent longer now the team.

I was talking about why we have such a little difference even though the CPUs are maxed out all the way and I think we found their reason and that is their RAM speed difference.

Both are using ddr4 Ram but this is using twenty-six hundred megahertz Ram compared to three thousand seven hundred so 40% faster Ram and in the past we noticed that for photo editing.

RAM matters much more than a lot of other things so having this faster ram is making up for the difference in CP performance that is crazy so if you’re a photo editor.

You want to get a smaller laptop this 13-inch is going to do an excellent job. You’re not missing out on much and if you’re professional we would suggest going for 32 gigs of RAM.

We have noticed that it makes a difference having more RAM as well for photo editing and it will actually get faster. It’s great we have that option now and now let’s talk about video editing.

I have Final Cut Pro opened up here this is a simple project but I do have filled green applied I also have to Lutz applied which are kind of like filters but it’s a little a bit more elaborate what it’s doing to the colors and if I go ahead and play this back both these laptops actually handle.

It fairly well and the fact that Apple switched over to the ten-nanometre chips with the better graphics really helps out on the 13-inch MacBook Pro as doing way better than it did before and the 16 obviously is not going to have any issues with this.

Something very interesting: the 13-inch MacBook Pro it’s only using about 20% of its core processor compared to the 16 inch which is using almost 50% of its 6 cores.

Because the graphics card is limiting the 13-inch even though we have the better graphics card now it’s still not enough to keep up with everything or this thing the graphics card is maxed out and the CPU is at 50%.

Another interesting thing is that the fans are spinning up quite loud now on the 16 inches because you’re pushing so much power to the graphics card the CPU where the 13-inch unlike photo-editing it is silent right now.

That’s interesting so obviously, the graphics are holding it back but if you’re interested in seeing a video like this may be a performance video but adding an external graphics card unit a GPU to the 13-inch.

It took three minutes and 36 seconds on the 16 inch for a 5 minute project 4k with all these effects so it’s faster than real-time whereas the 13-inch was only at 33% done so far.

I actually did this rendering test earlier and took 9 minutes and 58 seconds so obviously, that is a pretty big difference. A 16 is just three times as fast in video editing.

If you have a couple effects compared to just slightly faster in photo editing now the 13-inch is still very capable it still does a good job especially in final cuts.

I’m also going to be doing a more in-depth video editing comparison between the 16 and the 13 so if you guys want to see that video make sure you guys are subscribed to the link in the video description.

Let’s talk about battery life now Apple rates the 16 inch MacBook Pro at 11 hours of use compared to 10 hours for the 13-inch but that is just for video playback with the screens being fairly dim.

If you’re doing you know mixed use in the real world the 13-inch MacBook Pro will get 7 to 8 hours of battery life and the 16-inch show will get 6 to 7 hours a little bit worse.

Because it has a lot more powerful hardware the CPU will use more watched a lot of spikes higher and the dedicated graphics card even though it does switch back and forth between integrated when it’s using that dedicated it uses a lot more wattage.

Now if you’re going to be doing something like photo editing or maybe even worse video editing on battery power the 16 inches will get around 3.5 hours of video editing compared to about 5 hours of video editing for the 13-inch because it has a lot less power than it is drawing now, of course.

These do use USB type-c for charging so we would highly suggest buying a USB type-c power bank that can output a high wattage and that way you can not only not lose any of your battery power.

When you’re on the go you can actually charge up the battery at the same time while doing some of these tasks we’re going to leave a link in the video description to an excellent one that we highly recommend.

Now let’s talk about prices and our final verdict on which one you should buy for your specific use task so originally the price difference was $600.

But it got a lot more difficult and more complex than the previous MacBook Pro it only came at 256 gigs of storage and eight gigs of RAM so once you add up to 16 gigs and 512 there was only a $200 price difference.

It made it even more difficult a few months after the 16 inches came out when these were discounted which you can actually get him right now for about 200 dollars.

Apple made 16 gigs standard 512 standard and the price the difference is even bigger than before and which kind of makes it tough now if you’re somebody that is doing photo editing and you like the more compact size this is a killer deal right now.

If you’re somebody that does graphics design you do say video editing especially for your game we would highly recommend if you can deal with the larger size and a little bit heavier weight.

Go for the 16 inch we’re seeing a massive difference in exporting 4k video in gaming performance the graphics card really helps out not wait and for 200 bucks off right now you’re getting a really good value as well as for those of you guys who are doing encoding or you’re doing music production and those types of tasks.

I think the 13-inch is also an excellent value, the CPU performance is better, the single-core performance is better, graphics performance is better and now for the first time ever you can actually get 32 gigs of RAM.

A 13-inch and that definitely matters for some of those tasks to be able to run multiple applications some people are doing virtual machines and previously you had to go up to a 15 or a 16 inch.

In order to get 32 gigs of RAM you don’t have to do that anymore so the 13-inch is actually much more capable now than before it fits a lot more different use cases and it’s an excellent machine.

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